We are going to be on TV.........DFW area

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    I coach my son's little dribblers basketball team, he is in kindergarden. I have K-2nd grade on our team. Well, if you are in the DFW area then you need to watch channel 33 at 9PM on Tuesdays. I'm not sure which Tuesday we are going to be on yet, but I well let you know. It's a show all on little kids playing sports, I think. My team was so cute playing today and wondering when the TV people were going to be there. I joked with them and told them if they played good then they could sign autographs AFTER the game. [​IMG] Kids are so much fun.

    Forgot to say that they filmed the WHOLE ENTIRE game. I know they will probably edit most of it out, but the kids were so excited.
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  2. How Cool!
  3. Cool! I will definatly be watching for it.

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