We are supposed to have 4 female geese... But?


Mar 2, 2017
North Alabama
We got our first goose eggs today and right on time!! Three big beautiful eggs! But two of the eggs had the "bullseye" on them when we cracked them open!? :confused:

I know that with chicken eggs this means they are fertile! We are supposed to have 4 female geese but our crossbeak goose, Slappy, is now hissing at us when we enter the yard! He/she started this about a week ago, and he/she has become a bit more agressive with us. And my hubby said he swore Slappy was attacking one of the other geese in their pool! Were they mating?? I would love to have more geese but Slappy has a horrible crossbeak and I am very worried that it will be passed on to his/her goslings.

2 of the geese (Amy and Lilly) are 8 months old and 2 of them (Slappy and Gertrude) are 7 months old! All 4 are American Buff geese!

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