We are thinking of putting our 2, 1 year old roosters with 15 hens.


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Jun 22, 2009
My 2 roosters have been free ranging for almost their whole lives but until recently they have been causing some trouble like attacking people or pooping on our patio so were thinking of penning them up with 15 hens who are about 10 weeks old. The roosters have only known one hen in their lives but it died in early winter so they haven't had too much experience with hens. The hens were originally part of a group of 200 but we butchered all of them now but decided to keep 15 hens. So would it be a good idea to put the roosters with the hens?


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Apr 6, 2010
It could go either way. Some roosters are more apt to fight then others, but in my experience, the only time we've had more than 1 roo in with a group of hens and not had it end badly was when we had a bantam and a standard roo together. They got along great, but both ended up being killed by one of our standard roo's sons who decided he wanted to be top dog. We haven't kept more than 1 rooster in with our hens since then.


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Feb 24, 2009
Strasburg Ohio
You surely can try it and see......the hens are still very young, so you want to make sure the roos don't beat the crap outta them. Also, they may begin to fight eachother because there are ladies around, and they might fight to determine who is the top dog.

Good luck.

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