We can't agree on the amount of greens to feed our girls

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    A friend of ours was moving and asked us if we would like to have their 10 chickens. We said yes and it has been an adventure of ,everything we thought we knew about raising chickens and were wrong. My other half had to take care of the chickens his family had when he was young, so he thought he knew how. We are 73 and things have changed.
    Anyway, we always disagree on the amount of greens we give the girls. Every day I feed them at 5p.m. and give them greens. I try to make it veggies one day and fruits the next day (if I have any). I always give them lettuce (mostly Romain) and carrots, then whatever else I have like celery etc. I cut all of the food into small pieces especially the carrots which I cut as small as if I had shred them. I guess the greens measure out to 7 or 8 cups.
    Could someone please tell me how much garlic or vinegar to their water. Should the vinegar be cider or white. Also where can I get the cage to put a head of cabbage in and hang it for them to peck at. I have so many more questions it could fill a book so I will just keep asking now and then.
    Thanks so much for this web site and the people in it.
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    As long as you are feeding your flock a proprietary chicken feed, i would not worry about how much greens you are giving them. Re: vinegar in water, it should be unfiltered apple cider vinegar. I personally don't use garlic so i will let someone with more experience answer that for you.

    All the best
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    Yep. If you have a balanced feed already, all you are arguing about is the treats ;)

    Treats shouldn't exceed 10% of daily rations above their feed or they will fill up on the greens and not get their nutrients in the feed. But, if you are supplementing a home mixed diet, the greens can help deliver vital nutrients, so I guess my question would be; "What kind of feed do they get besides the greens?"

    Vinegar, recommendation is 1-2 tbsp if Apple Cider Vinegar per gallon if water. Garlic, I let them self medicate; I don't have a set time or way I give it to them, but it usually follows a natural cycle of spring and fall; they get huge doses from bulbs coming up, or harvest being done. If you're wanting to just dose them weekly, you can mix some crushed garlic into a treat ball made from seeds and molasses (maybe coconut oil, I've been curious to try that)...

    Here's one if the cages for the head if cabbage ;)


    Welcome to the wonderful world of BYC ;)
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