We Finished It! Pics (I hope) too!


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Jan 18, 2010
Wow, what a deal! We started building our coop in late April/early May of 2010 and we're just finished, the 2nd week of June. I suppose if we didn't have 3 jobs between Hubby and myself, we could have gotten it done faster, but as it was, we could only get to work on it evenings and weekends. The white structure you can see in at least one of the pics is our neighbor's garage.

In case you can't see the pictures here, you can see our progress at this URL: http://community.webshots.com/album/577727046doZyzb -- there's more detailed pictures too over there on that website.

We bought The Garden Coop's plans, and they were worth every penny for the two of us, considering that I have only built in 2 dimensions before and Hubby has never built a building. We were definite novices!

A name for our coop came to me today in a flash of inspiration, we're going to call our coop "The Crooked Coop" -- because there isn't a square angle or level surface in the entire thing! LOL! Well, except the cinder block piers, they're level. For all that, it's quite sturdy and we think it looks ok, given that this is our first shot at something like this.

This is my first time trying to upload a pic, hope it works. Here's our coop:

The front:


Don't worry, the tall thing standing up in the front of the coop isn't the ramp, it's the other half of the floor, which we hadn't installed yet. You can see the ramp, though -- it's the board lying on the ground at the back of the run.

The Back:
(The white lines are our trellis for our beans and cucumbers in our garden . . . )


The entire thing is 5ish' wide and 7ish' long, the hen house portion is 3' high by 5+' long (yep, there's extra inches, I told you it was wierd!) by just over 3' across. Should have wound up 6' but not sure what happened during framing. Neither professional carpenter that we had helping us frame everything up could figure out what went wrong. Anyway, there's close to if not actually 18 square feet in there, and since the minimum is 4 square feet/bird, we really only needed 12sq feet, so we're still good, if odd. The Crooked Coop indeed! LOL!

I'd really like to hear what you think. Yes, there will be a roost inside and there are 2 nest boxes in there also, and we're going to put at least one perch and hopefully a roost in their run somewhere as well. When they finish with the weeds in their run, we'll put sand down, and there will be pine shavings over the linoleum in the hen house.



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Jun 8, 2010
Hey guy's, what a great job you did.
I loooove those black hinges you used too, if I had any like them I would have used them as well. Your girls are gunna love their new home when they arrive.

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