We found a giant egg and a teeny egg =) Pictures

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    Apr 24, 2008
    We got these eggs within a week of one another. We are not sure weither it is the same girl or not. She has laid eggs both colors. I measured the big one and it is 6 inches around the widest part and 3 inches tall! The small one is 3.5 inches around the widest part and 1.5 inches tall [​IMG]



    Here is the small one in the carton of regular eggs


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  2. bradybrady09

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    Mar 19, 2009
    its very possible its from the same one i have some rhode island red pullets that are 7 months old one day they will lay really tiny pullet eggs and other days there huge double yolk eggs i tend to find alot of young pullets/hens will do this its pretty crazy to think they can lay something so huge!!!
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    My EE just started laying last week (22 1/2 weeks old) and her 4th egg was a very large double yolker. I was shocked seeing as the previous ones were so tiny.

    The green egg on the right is the 2nd egg she laid - the large green egg is her 4th egg. The brown and white eggs were laid by our leghorns & barred rocks.


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