We found Dee!


9 Years
Jul 8, 2010
Dee went missing roughly 1 month ago...yep I'm sure you know where this is going! She was one of our favorite hens- Always put herself away in the same spot, was fairly friendly, never got into trouble so we were fairly sadden when she wasn't in her spot one night. We finally spotted her last week. I went into the barn, and heard a hen cackling at me. She was digging through the horse poop like a normal, happy chicken! I figured she's home, i'll see her later that night and check her over... well she was gone--again. Later that week we discovered that for the past 4 weeks, even tho we searched the barn in and out she was hidden right under our noses... Finally discovered her nest.... and 10 chicks! There are 7 eggs left, several are peeping, and there is movement in the rest. Due to the spot she choose- high up in the hay loft, on the very top of the hay pile we needed to move the nest as there would be no safe way for the chicks to get down...

So here's momma, her 10 chicks... 6 black, 4 white.. I'm thinking someone else laid in her nest too. We'll see how many of the other eggs hatch. The poor thing (and the chicks) ate and drank so much when I moved them!

2 eggs are hatching this morning. Dee settled in nicely with chicks and eggs
. She's really being a great momma hen!

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