We found one of our chickens dead today??

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  1. certifiedchef

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    Jun 27, 2010
    We have 4 chickens (had 5) all hens all about 6 mnths old. We are in sacramento county california. This afternoon we went to check onthe girls and found Mrs. Puddyfoot dead in the coop. Her sisters were hanging around her but they seem fine. She was a light brahma, we saw no signs of injury, mites or illness. My wife said she seemed a bit 'down/sad' yesterday but otherwise ok. Her tail feathers had signs of yellowish/palish green stools and I found sort of lime green runs of poo down the chicken ramp. I opened her mouth and it was mucusy. Her body seemed a bit dehydrated and her neck just flopped about. No signs of intruders getting into the coop. ANy thoughts? Also should we be deworming out birds or giving them vitamins/vaccines anything??? we are so clueless! we thought we knew what we were doing, but know???

    thank you

    Sad in Sacramento
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    Jul 15, 2010
    It might have gotten bit by a spider or had a disease. Has it laid any eggs yet?

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