We get our chickies on Monday!!!

4H family flock

10 Years
Mar 20, 2009
Stuttgart, AR
Okay... I am not freaking out yet... BUT we get our chickens monday... Great timing!!! Spring break starts!!

I am here to introduce myself, well, my family I suppose!!! I have 4 daughters and 6 puppies, and mommy and daddy doggie and 1 fish and soon to be 25 chicks... Thank God I live on a FARM.. Which is a LONG way from my raising in HAWAII... I longed to be on a farm while I grew up on the beach and here I AM !!! WOOHOO:lol:
My daughter (the youngest) recently joined 4H and through them we joined up for the chicken chain project that gives you 25 pullets and from that you give 4 back at the county fair!!! SO as we begin our journey I decided to register. I have been to the site often but never registered as we didnt have our own yet. My father in law kept chickens until he got ill and died. For the past 10-12 years the coop has remained empty. He would be thrilled to see her love resembles his own. Well, horses are next but we got a while for that..... LOL I guess I have said enough, yes, I love to talk so I should get along well with cackling chickens.. HEHEHE

Aloha to all,

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