We got 4 eggs today!

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    And it is only a little after noon. We have 5 hens and 2 started laying before Thanksgiving. They are the only ones that have layed through December. About the middle of January every now and then we would get three eggs a day but I was always never sure if it just got layed late the evening before or if we had really gotten three. Today we got 4. Whoopee!! Now we are going to have to start giving some away to neighbors who have been so nice about our rooster. They all say they like hearing him.

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    oh that is great. I know how you feel. i am new to the chicken wrld. and we have 4 rhode island reds. and we just rescued 13 other chickens. So we had to wait a few weeks for the rescues to start laying again. and mine were to young when they came to us. But now I think mine are laying along with some of the others. Not sure who is laying though lol

    I finally got my first dozen last week i think or the week before and now i am up to 3 dozen of eggs in my fridge now. When they really start coming in i will share with the nieghbors as well at sell at wrk.

    i need to get my pics uploaded so i can post my first eggs that we did get in and my first dozen lol
    my hubby was like are you going to take pics of every egg said nope just these and when i fill my first dozen of eggs. lol

    have fun.

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