We got a new horse

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    He's been "home" for a week now. DD takes lessons at a barn in town and dh wanted to buy a horse she could use for lessons and also that we could board there. We have room here for a horse but not the right facilities, and since we've never owned we felt better with someone else's eyes on him. So anyway she's taking lessons on him now and he is settling into his new home nicely. He is a 4 yr old palomino quarter horse gelding. He's registered but we aren't planning to show. His sire was the top QH stud in Indiana a few years back. Here's a pic of him w/ dd standing by. She is 16 and has always been horse crazy. We bought one a few years ago but it turned out not to be the right one for us. This one is officially named "One Last Te Time" but we call him Hank. :D He's a pretty big boy at 15.2 hands and is very calm and laid back.
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    Congratulations on your new boy.....

    BTW, some people might say you spend how much on a horse!!!! But from experience it is worth EVERY PENNY for the following reasons.

    1. You know where your daughter is and who the boy is she is with.
    2. She is at the show on a Saturday, not at the mall with no supervision.
    3. Teaches responsibility, she will know how much everything cost for her boy.
    4. She will learn how to budget( for horse stuff) and herself.

    And the best thing is she will grow into a wonderful young woman who will know where she is going and how to get there herself. Mom and Dad will teach her how to drive and with time how to pull a trailer. She will know how to get from point A to point Z on her own. How to take care of her transportation.

    Sorry, ran on. But I had great parents who were always there for me, with my show/ working dogs. Boy, I could write a book about it. But it sure taught me to be a productive person who CAN DO ON MY OWN , If and when I half to.


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