We got 'kids' on New Years Day!! (pics included)

Discussion in 'Other Pets & Livestock' started by wendy, Jan 1, 2009.

  1. wendy

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    Jun 14, 2007
    central louisiana
    One of our goats Jolie Lune - she gave birth during the night with all the fireworks I did not hear a thing. I did not think she was going to have babies for a couple more days! Thank goodness they are okay, I am hoping they will make it. I am doing everything I have read on Fiasco Farms and the lady I bought them from is keeping tabs on me too [​IMG]
    This is our first having babies [​IMG]

    Here are pics :


  2. theOEGBman

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    Jan 13, 2007
    Central California
    Congrats on the babies! They're adorable. [​IMG]
  3. redhen

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    May 19, 2008
    Western MA
    so cute!...wow!..this must be goat baby season!...there is nothing cuter than a baby goat!..[​IMG]
  4. HorseFeathers

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    Apr 2, 2008
    Southern Maine
    [​IMG] <--- You just killed me with the cuteness [​IMG]
  5. Judymae

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    Apr 22, 2007
    Merit, Tx
    They are adorable!!! I just love baby goats. Well are they nannies or billies or one of each??
  6. ThreeBoysChicks

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    Sep 19, 2007
    Thurmont, MD
    Very cute. Congrats.
  7. helmstead

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    Mar 12, 2007
    Alfordsville, IN
    Oh my! How precious! Look like buckskins with heavy white overlay? Nigis?

  8. wendy

    wendy On the Hill

    Jun 14, 2007
    central louisiana
    Thanks everyone [​IMG] They are quite cute! Yeah they are buckskins, from what I have learned. The mom and dad are nigerian dwarf's. These little boogers are not very big. Like the size of a new born puppy!! [​IMG]
  9. wendy

    wendy On the Hill

    Jun 14, 2007
    central louisiana
    Quote:So sorry [​IMG]
  10. mamabird

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    Apr 14, 2007
    App. Mtn's
    Beautiful Babies! Send more pics!

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