We got our first egg ever today


Nov 3, 2018
Melbourne, Australia
Very excited that one of our three silkies has finally started laying :love

We got our silkies 2 months ago, we stopped by a pet store on the way home and the owner happened to own heaps of chickens. She said that getting your first egg is almost as exciting as giving birth so we have been checking their coop and enclosure 5-10 times a day for eggs ever since but never saw anything.

One of our other chickens (an isa brown) is very ill and was recently hospitalised for 2 nights (the vet checked all our chickens and believes that thankfully, only this hen was affected). She racked up a very expensive vet bill so getting our first egg from our silkies was very exciting after an extremely stressful weekend :lol:
silkie egg.jpg


Nov 16, 2018
It is so exciting isn't it!! we had our first last week after having the girls only 5 days.. so we were surprosed ... we were told probably 2 weeks before they layed .. and we have had an egg a day since then ... It makes you look at eggs in a different way hey! Instead of off the supermarket shelf you see it like the miracle they are ..
and hey for those who want a yummy way to eat more eggs here's a recipe for snickerdoodle crepes... a great way to use up eggs
6 eggs
5 oz Philadelphia cream cheese ( softened)
1 tsp cinnamon

sweeten ( with sugar)if you want - I used 1 Tblsp granulated erythritol
use a stick blender..
It makes a thin batter - pour into fry pan & cook then enjoy with your topping

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