We got the greatest rental house!!


9 Years
Aug 25, 2010
Rural Brooklyn, WI
WE GOT THE HOUSE (to rent!!) My good friend and barn owner mentioned that she and a friend drove by this place and we weren't sure if it was the same one that we called
about. The landlords had to do some major renovation to it, the previous tenant's dogs ate most of the inside, busted windows.. he had been the grandson of the original owner.
It broke her heart to see what he did. We will have to get a stove, and a washer/dryer.. but still!!
It has a chicken house behind the equip shed...
It may be a few months, but I am sure I will have my chickens with me!!!
AND perhaps someday, in a year or so.. they might let us fence off the area behind the equipment shed and put the horses there, it would only be a small pasture
or large paddock.. but still!!
Green Co. has no minimum acreage requirements!!
Here is a birds eye view of the place I will get pics taken tomorrow!!
All new paint, all new carpets, windows.. out in the country but just a few miles from main highways to Madison so the commute won't be bad for DH.

For only 500 a month!



The stars were so bright tonight!!
So happy for you.

I know how you feel. I just rented a farm with a huge dairy barn and some acreage. I can have my chickens and can now get goats. The Landlord said I can have whatever animals I want as long as they are properly cared for. It's like I died and went to heaven.
Congratulations!!!!!!!! My family and I had rented a house out in the country, for $250 but that was from 1982 to 1993. I asked my Dad why so cheap and he said, the propane bill is way over $1500 to fill the big tank each winter.

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