We had a Christmas Miracle today...

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  1. We have a litter of 4, 6 week old kittens currently.
    My son has a favorite that he loves on constantly and carrys around and plays with, he named him Cubby when he was really tiny because he had the face of a cub and he's been down the last couple of weeks because he thinks that Cubby is leaving with the others (which he was supposed to originally) at 8 weeks.
    I have been planning to give Alex Cubby on Christmas morning and tell him that he can stay because I know what it's like to have a special bond with an animal, it doesn't happen often and these two certainly have "it".

    Anyway, this morning hubs and I are outside doing morning farm chores and all of a sudden we hear my son SCREAMING for us to come quick and he's sobbing that there is something wrong with Cubby.
    I RUN full throttle into my house and skid to a stop to find my boy completely crushed and he's holding the limp body of Cubby who is dead except for nerves making his jaw gape. He had absolutly no heart beat and wasn't breathing, his eyes were completely dialated and everything.
    He's pushing him into my hands begging me to help save him. I started to tear up because the little guy looked completely GONE but I figured I would take him into the kitchen and for my sons sake work on him for a few minutes. I started to give him CPR (I'm animal certified) after I checked his airway for obstruction, which isn't easy with such a tiny kitten because you can over-inflate their lungs but I swear within 30-40 seconds I had his beating again, another minute and he was breathing on his own.
    Within 5 minutes I had taken his temp (found it to be 96), rushed him onto a heating pad, and found that he was responsive to touch in all four paws and tail, his pupils were responsive to light, and he was responsive to being tapped around his eyes by closing the eye you were tapping near.
    By 20 minutes after the intial finding of him his rectal temp was 100, his gums were pink again, he had cried out for his mama, and even nursed on her while I held her.
    By 30 minutes he was trying to walk, though very clumsy.

    He's currently back in the nest with his brothers and sister, has been nursing and moving around, his temp is steady and I'd say he's about 96% normal.
    My little boy couldn't be happier.

    Apparently while we were outside (we had only just run out, right outside the door really) our 3 year old toddler had gotten into the kitten room and was holding Cubby. Alex was with her watching and says that Cubby was clinging to our toddlers shirt and fell off, and that our little girl accidentally stepped on him. He does seem to have a couple of broken ribs but both of his lungs seem to be working and he's had no blood coming from the nose or mouth.
    Our vet is coming out tomorrow morning to have a look at him (our vet does housecalls).

    That kitten was DEAD. It's a miracle to me [​IMG]
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  2. mrsengeseth

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    Glad you were able to help Cubby!!
  3. hollyk

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    Nov 21, 2008
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    I'll take that miracle:clap
  4. andehens

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    Aug 25, 2008
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    WoW!! good job! am anxious to hear what vet has to say and how Cubby does!

  5. Slightly Cracked

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    Jul 15, 2008
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    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    For mama knowing animal CPR and [​IMG] [​IMG] for cubby.

    Prayers for cubby's speedy recovery.
  6. chick4chicks

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    [​IMG] So glad you could help Cubby. Sending get well quick wishes Cubby's way. Great save.[​IMG]
  7. TubbyChicken

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    Jul 30, 2008
    That is a miracle! I'm so happy he made it. Do you think he'll make a full recovery?
  8. Quote:I sure hope so.... He looks good now. I'm looking right at him and he sitting up and looking around in the nest.

    If anything, I could see him having some neuro difficulites or slight brain damage from lack of oxygen. We'll see [​IMG]
  9. kelliepulido

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    WTG Mom what a save!! Darn kids always into things just like baby monkeys...
  10. Quote:You hit that right on the head!
    I'm really glad I knew what to do and was able to just act. If I had to stop and think and had time to freak out he would have been gone for good. The whole thing was one big adrenaline rush.

    I really urge all of you to look into animal CPR classes, especially those of you with farms or who breed or have lots of pets.
    Red Cross does them.
    You'll never know when you need it. I took my classes the first time over 6 years ago and I've had to use it about 5 times, this time being the most dramatic save by far.

    A quick tip too that I learned from a dog breeder who has been breeding for over 30 something years;
    In the nose of most species of animals is a acupuncture point that will stimulate breathing. In dogs and cats it's in the center of the nose, in the crease and right between the nostrils. You can use a sewing needle, a pin, etc. and you don't need to stick it in far, about an eighth of an inch is perfect. She used this with my dog when he was a puppy, apparently his mom laid on him when he was 3 days old and crushed him, nearly to death and when she found him his tounge was blue and he was lifeless. She remembered reading about the acupuncture point and grabbed a handy push pin and stuck it in his nose and he started breathing again.

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