we had crowing this morning! yikes!

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    Ok so out little 7 week old nankins gave me a surprise this morning! I walked past their cage and heard "TWEET-TWEET!" thinking I startled them I when on past. The I heard it again "TWEET-TWEET!" and looked over and the little cockerel that I knew for sure was a cockerel (Major) had his neck all streatched out and was trying his darndest to crow! It was to adorable! ...then the one (out of a trio) we weren't sure was a cockerel or a pullet (Scout) followed suit "TWEET-TWEET!" , well there goes that hope of having a trio *sigh*.... then it happened .... number three (Tink) a rosecomb pullet that we were sure was a pullet stretched out her neck and "TWEeet!".... now I have seen hens crow before, I have two that I have seen "try" to crow with their neck stretched out and everything so now WHAT??

    do I have a pullet or a cockerel?? She is definitely lighter than the other two with smaller legs and a little rose comb with no wattles present now, no sickle feathers or green feathers coming in. Will a pullet give crowing a shot at this age?
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