We have a 5 (?) month old lavender orpington not eating/moving, seems to have a sore leg?

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  1. yolk-a-motive

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    manages a little water when forced. We have it in a tupperware in the living room now under a towel. What should we do/ check for? How do we figure out whats wrong? 9 year ld daughter very upset.

  2. yolk-a-motive

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    Cant see any obvious signs of injury on legs...appears to be trying to weakly push something out its vent? Gurggling tummy? laboured breathing and toes starting to curl : ( Daughter so sad : (
  3. yolk-a-motive

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    no obvious parasites, small poop, very lethargic. Eyes closed. Daughter crying
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    So sorry. I can't offer any help but hopefully someone who can will be along soon.

  5. Bens-Hens

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    This is sound very familiar.

    It's not certain, but these symptoms are sounding like Marek's Disease. We have been through MD in the past. I must want you to brace yourself, there will be a lot of information to read and the end result is often not a positive one if it is MD.

    I have a chink of info in my blog/thread, but I shared a heap of links in post# 824 of the following link

    Much to read, lots to sift through and get a feel if that is the case or not for you. Quite a few members have been through this and are very knowledge on the matter.

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    What does his crop look like? Is it flat or is it balloon-like and squishy? He needs some electrolytes quickly--pedialyte, gatorade, sugar water with a pinch of salt, etc. It could be that he got injured, or has had a sudden stroke or heart attack. If you can get him to dip his beak in water to drink, but I think it may be too late.
  7. Bens-Hens

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    Foot like this, maybe gasping?



    If it is MD, it will often progress to just sitting, one leg will go forward and the other go back. Sometimes a wing may drop and their neck may not function properly.

    I did have a case where one bird just hopped about and did not seem to get that ill, but she never did get better.

  8. yolk-a-motive

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    Crop is flat ( I had to google crop) these are our first chickens and this was the favourite "Blob" because shes just a big mushball of mellow love. She just lays there wont walk. Will take little bits of water when daughter forces its beak in the bowl. Husband held it upside down and some liquid came out...was wondering if it was a crop thing ( thanks google)
  9. yolk-a-motive

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    the foot looked cirled like in the picture above but shes laying down and it straightened out ... this is awful.

  10. yolk-a-motive

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