We have achieved broodage !!!!!!!!!!!! wooot wooooot

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    I have a broody hen fer sure. Every night for the past 3 nights when i get home form the hospital she is steadfast in a nest box, not on a perch. I have no clue how many eggs are under her but i am certainly not gettin my usual 7-8 eggs a day. Yesterday there was only 5 (where are the other 2 er 3?) and now at 0800 i got 3 from the 2nd nest box. ( only have two boxes).Get this tho....... When i collected those 3 they were much hotter than they allways are,there was ahen on them and she didn't come right out for breakfast. I put one o' those under Dorothy(my broody)and she pulled in right under her [​IMG]
    Why is Dorothy allways flicking her bottom up and down when i am lookin at her in her nest ?
    MMmmm...should i make accommodations fer Dorothy elsewhere? She shares this coop with 7 o' her sibs and one roo. She is the alpha hen by the way and she shows no problems with me touching her or reaching under her right now.
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    Congrats on your broody!
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