We have another Broody...I think...Help please!

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    May 4, 2010
    I posted about a month ago that we had a broody BO. We moved her to the brooder during the day and then she snapped out of it. Now we have another broody so I took everyone's advice and waited until dark. She had been on the nest at least three days. We only moved her because the other hens were ignoring the empty nest and laying only in the broody's side. I hadn't thought about marking her eggs...[​IMG] I didn't watch her too closely today but I did see her up and around quite a bit. There were four eggs for her to sit on that she'd been on all day yesterday before we moved her last night.

    So two questions:

    1. If she snapped out of it, is it possible it's just because it's her first time? If not, what am I doing wrong?

    2. She's sleeping in her nesting box now. If she goes back into the trance, can I still slip another few eggs under her?
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    Quote:Sure... but you'd want to put all new eggs in, or you'll have a staggard hatch.

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