We have babies galore! - with Pics


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Ok so we came home from soccer practice to 6 PIPS! however one appears to either be bleeding or had bled pretty badly. Poor thing, I can see the beak, it seems to be breathing hard, but does chirp some when I shine the light on it to check in.

So far only the RiR's are pipping, still waiting for even one silky to show me a sign
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for healthy hatching babies!
OK, I was woke up to happy chirps of some freshly hatch fuzz butts!

Currently have:

3 RiR

1- black mystery peep (this is the local egg)

another RiR zipping, and multiple pips 2 of which are silkie

The poor baby from last night was not moving today at all, the hole was larger and I was able to see she/he pipped in the center of the egg.
Poor little thing.

However on a good note, the 2 year old woke in time to watch a RiR push out of it's egg, that was so much fun to hear him go WooooW.
wow I have a chick that also bled a lot during its hatch in the bator. it is now 14 hours old and is still laying on its side, cant stand nor can it hold its head up. I posted a thread here asking for advice. I thought I would have to cull it, but have opted to instead try sugar water/polyvisol drops for a day or so and give it every chance I can. How is your chick behaving now that it hatched out?
He she past away, poor baby. I got it out and everything looked good except it pipped the side of the egg not the top.

I now have 5 babies out, and about nine more in various stages of pipping, zipping. Going to be a busy day for sure.
wow, sorry! I had to just step in with one of my quail. Do you think the membrane dried up and maybe ripped skin or something? My chick was stuck to the shell. I wet it and helped it out! Not sure if it will make it or not!
Nothing looked dry, but she pipped through a vessel and there was blood.

Now up to 7 RiR, 1 mystery black baby with a whitish rump

5 more RiR are pipping and zipping, 1 left not doing anything yet

2 silkie chicks on their way 1 pipped and 1 pipped and trying to zip.

Hopefully we have new babies when we get home from soccer.

then as soon as these are done I need to clean and reset for the Mille Fluer eggs on their way to be hatched out lol.
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