We have cochin bantam eggs.

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    My cochin bantams layed two eggs today,at 18 weeks! These hens are from my first ever incubator build.I think from looking at vents mabe one hen did this. I did a few things,i got some fake quail eggs and left them in the nest box,so mabe they would learn pecking on eggs dosent do anything,well thats the idea anyhow.My buddys get fed well,the latest is puslane ive been growing and i just started feeding layer feed one week ago.Some of the other stuff is non bearded barley and merino clover i cut and feed as treats,they go crazy for this stuff.
    The one who layed the eggs is an partridge bantam,i did notice she is the only one letting the cock have his way.and the six other hens were all born at the same time.The partridge cock is getting more blue feathers.Other than the pet factor i did want my hens for incubating eggs,so soon i well try to weed out wich do a good job.
    My goal is to have the cochins hatch out other eggs,mabe a few leghorns to start,then quail eggs.
    Oh yeah the eggs were laying on the wire in front of the nest box.They were ok though.
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    Thats awesome! Congrats!! Thanks for sharing your info! I always throw some golf balls in there. [​IMG]

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