We have pigeons also --- any special health concerns with the chickens?

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    Feb 26, 2012

    We will be ready for our chickens in a few weeks. We are excited about this project :)

    We also have a large flock of homing pigeons. We are fairly experienced with them and their care, having over 100 of them for over three years at this stage.

    Our question is -------- the pigeons and chickens will not be loose simultaneously. However they could separately be loose even though at this stage we do not intend to let the chicken out of the chicken tractor which is portable. And of course, they will NEVER be in each other's living quarters.

    Since we'll have both chickens and pigeons, we wanted ask if there might be special health concerns since we'll have two different types of birds on site.

    Also, we plan to purchase 19-20 week old pullets ---------------- what vaccines should I ask about?

    Thank you, in advance, so much for your help.
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    Hi, 1.5 years ago these racing pigeons moved into my coop and there they are! Thank God they were healthy and young. So they live with 20 large chickens, up in the rafters. Had 2 chicks in a garbage bag hanging on the wall.

    I've heard of something called pigeon canker. Something they can carry and not show? Chickens can get that. That's about it I think.

    I live in Pigeon paradise, Shady Hills, where every other house has a massive pigeon coop-sometimes bigger than their house.

    Please do yourself a big favor and get day old chicks and have them vaccinated for Marek's. Day old chicks have not been exposed to the virus , and get their vaccine day one.
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