We have ramp success!


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Apr 28, 2015
Put the girls in their new home last Sunday. We left them in there till 330pm and opened the door on monday. They eventually came out by gracefully falling/flying (lol). We are leaving the food in the coop with water both in the run and coop. At dusk we placed them one by one on the ramp and made them walk up it for two days.

The third day I let them be when it started to get dark. Nobody went to bed. So I left them in the run, which is protected, for about an hour after the sun went down. They huddled in a corner. I went out and placed in the coop. The next night they were all in bed before dark on their own.

Now they are walking up and down the ramp for food and rest! Plus they figured out the water nipples.

Not sure if it was the right call but it worked. Now I have to finish my watering and feeding systems to be less maintenance and we're good to go.

Right now I have the tradition feeder and waterer in the coop and a 5g bucket with nipples in the run. The coop waterer and feeder take up to much space and need to construct some pvc type dispensers that can be filled from the outside. I've seen a lot of great ideas here, I just need the time to get them done which is hard to come by.


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