We just needed dog food.

Maggies Pop

10 Years
Sep 23, 2009
Middletown (No CAL)
2 Golded Laced Wynadottes and 2 Delawares


and here they are getting aquainted with our 3 week old BO's


My husband and I have absolutely NO self-control skills. We went in for dog food. We walked out with 4 chicks. I think we need to on that show "Hoarders". We are seriously addicted!
Same thing happened to us today, though we were going to buy chick supplies so we could get chicks later. Shame there weren't any Dels at our store, but our GSLs are little cuties so I hear you... just couldn't walk away!
PineappleMama-hopefully they will get some Del's for ya! LOL

Carenm-I hate to tell you, but I must be honest. YES. It WILL happen to you.

myway57-great advice, but doesnt help us now@

We were ok when we saw the RIR's, we already have some, so that wasnt too tempting. But when we looked down a bit more temptation bit us hard in the butt! We told the feed store to only supply what we already own.
yea, I'm not allowed to go to the feed store this time of year. Dh, who has slightly more self-control than I has already said that he goes if we need anything.
Oh yeah ... it's like potato chips, you can never have just one. Or two ... or three ....

I picked up three new ones today to add to the four I already have, knowing full well that I have 15 arriving Tuesday!!!!!
Yeah I'm a newby too looking forward to getting my first batch of chicks. I have tried to be smart and buy all my supplies now before they come because I have a gut feeling that supplies will quickly selling off the shelves when the birds arrive. I think all I need to get now is a thermometer to help monitor and regulate heat for them. I got about a week and a half before they arrive.

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