we lost one of our cats

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    We lost Piper. My barn cats are mostly drop offs. I call them our refugees. We tame, vaccinate and spay/neuter them. About 10 years ago a pretty little calico was dumped at my neighbor's house. She couldn't take another cat so she was going to have her put to sleep. We intervened, and she became one of our barn cats. She was tiny, but she ruled the roost. We found her dead in the barn last night. There were no signs of foul play. She looked like she just dropped dead. I suppose she may have had a stroke or heart attack. We really don't know how old she was, just that she lived here for ten years. She was a very affectionate cat and constantly talked whenever people were around and not paying attention to her. She was a funny little cat. When we brought our dog home as a little puppy, the other cats hated him. Piper loved him. When the other cats hissed at him, she intervened and made them be nice. When we took him outside to potty, she would bring him small dead animals. There used to be a male cat that was her arch enemy. He always hissed at her when she was near. A few years ago when he started to slow down because of old age, Piper started doting on him. She was constantly at his side. They became the best of friends and inseparable. I guess she liked taking care of others. When he had a stroke last winter and had to be put to sleep, she was visibly upset. I guess they are together again. Her death seems to have had an impact on the other cats. A female, named Athena, came up to the house last night crying. DH went out to the barn and discovered Piper's body. Even after the body was removed, Athena kept coming to the house crying. I would give her attention and take her back to the hay barn, but she was still upset. Another cat, an 11 year old male, is missing. We searched and searched for him. I hope he is OK. I don't think Piper was carrying any diseases. She seemed to be the picture of health. She had a beautiful coat, good weight, good appetite, etc. Just the other day she was playng with the twine that I took off the hay bales. I'm sorry she's gone.
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    [​IMG] for you and your DH

    It is amazing how they steal our hearts.

    [​IMG] for the kitties missing Piper.
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    [​IMG] sorry this has happened, it stinks when we lose our fur babies

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    So sorry.. [​IMG]
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    [​IMG] So sorry about it.
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    Apr 15, 2009
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    so sorry [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    SW Arkansas
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    How very sad [​IMG]
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    Piper sounds like a kind soul. So sorry for your loss.

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