We may have a mountain lion coming down from the Ridge......

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by mominoz, Sep 21, 2016.

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    Feb 17, 2009
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    Son ran off a "large cat" about 120 lb.s est. and it screamed ..... that was going after my corraled donkey, he thought, but said my donkey wouldn't have it , and my arab gelding went after it and chased it off.... it was moving so fast , he could hardly see it. Son is a fireman, EMT, lives on property.
    We are in a severe drought this summer (every 10 years), and there is no water on the mountains now, we touch a National Forest, but are in farmland in valley.
    Of course I injured my leg, and in a splint till I get an MRI, not broke, but may have tendon damage... so I am hobbling out there with a 'rifle-cane' and a smaller backup.... in my nightie ,with a splint to check on my horses, donkey ,geese and ducks.....
    I may have attracted it with all my little ponds and pools.... and the trough right next to the donkey....
    Moderately scarey for them.
    Did I mention I have 2 skinny little grandsons on the property too? We have mature wooded sections and a huge brush pile/dropped trees right next to the house.....(perfect place to hide).... maybe it will like the neighbors calves better....
    Probably water. The lockup area has 4 ft fence and hotwire and is screened on 3 sides with sunshade fabric.. so it may not be able to see ducks and geese at night, just smell and hear them... Don't think it will want to jump into a enclosed pen... besides, what Mtn. Lion is used to hunting within a fairly large flock of ducks and geese with multiple separating fences....
    Going to get my game camera out....and DIL and kids are feeding for me....told them to make sure they are done before it gets to much dusk....
    And I thought the dogs were just barking at coyotes at night....
    There was one sighted in a town about 25 miles away along the same ridge/park area..

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    Feb 26, 2015
    Make sure the dogs are with the kids at all times while they are outside.
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