We need a farm logo. . . PA . . .will trade for hatching eggs!!!

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    We need help with a farm logo. Our farm name is ShadyGlade, and we have Jacob Sheep, Black Swans, Peafowl, Jersey Giant, Marans, Buckeye & Malay Chickens, Muscovy & Call Ducks, Buff, Pilgrim & Sebastapol Geese, Bourbon Red, Royal Palm & Narragansett Turkeys. I realize they are not all going to fit on a logo. [​IMG] But I think someone with more of an artistic flair than I should choose which will work best. We are hoping for something simple but eye appealing & easy to reproduce onto a sign, paperwork, stickers, etc. . .

    We could trade this artwork for hatching eggs or cash. PM, post or email for details or with questions.

    Wynette ran a thread like this in the Hatching Chicken Eggs - Buy Sell Trade section and ended up with a terrific response & a fantastic logo. If we have half the response & talent she found we'll be well pleased.

    Thank you!!
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    Sent you an email. Thanks!

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