We need prayer (Thank You)

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    One of my son's closest friends was just killed in a car accident and another has been airlifted and not expected to live. Please pray for our group here, these kids have grown up together, been in Scouts together, band, you name it they do it together. He was on his way home from work and was in a head on collision on the Anthony Gap road through the mountain. Another of our girls was behind them but had no idea her friend was killed in front of her until we just told her; Steven was about to cross the mountain on that road but it had just been shut down due to the accident.
    Please, pray for our kids, they are going to have a rough time for the next few days.
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    Prayers sent. [​IMG]
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    dear lord, that is heart wrenching!!! sending lots of prayers and thoughts your way to your family and the families of those boys!!! [​IMG]

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    Prayers for your son and for you Kate.

    Seek the Lord and He will send Comfort.
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    Our prayers are with you.
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    A couple of months ago my nephew lost a longtime friend in a car accident. He and this boy had been friends since they were very small kids -- my nephew is in his 20s now. The young man didn't show up someplace he was supposed to be. People started looking for him, and his brother found him in his wrecked car 2 days later. My sister said one of the hardest things she's ever had to face was watching her son (my nephew) stand at his friend's funeral and cry without making a sound... she said it broke her heart. Kate: we will keep your family, the families of the young man who was killed and the other who was gravely wounded, and their friends in our prayers. This will be a very trying time for all -- Our prayer is that each of you will feel the presence of a loving God and that you will find comfort as He wraps his arms around you. [​IMG]

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    On the way
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    Thank you, I've been calling friends and family to tell them before the news could throw it at them. Steven is calling the band members and Scouts. It was a three car accident, one of my friends saw the vehicles come off the mountain on the flat beds but didn't know it was the vehicle of one of our kids. They were not recognizable.

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