We need to help this girl out B4 her dad takes her senior pics in kitc

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    Jun 11, 2009
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    Ok soo this is off the subject of chickens, but calling ALL arizona people & their friends.

    So here is the story...

    I have this awesome 17 year old girl that is the sweetest and most kind hearted person you could ever meet. She babysitts my girls for free and every time they see her my little 3 year old runs to her and says "Becca, miss you!" from the top of her lungs as she runs into her arms.. It is sooo precious. With all the things she has helped me out even through the rocky times, I hope WE can give her this. Her family said that they couldn't afford to get senior pictures done for her, so needless to say she is REALLY bummed... Well she went and searched around to see if she could find a great photographer who could do it for really inexpensive and she found this photographer on facebook that she absolutely loves. Well this photographer is holding a contest to see who would win an all expense paid photo session with her. So the only things she needs is anyone who has a facebook page to go to her WALL and post "I RECOMMEND REBECCA NELSON" on their & it counts.

    The contest ends this Sunday and she is literally bitting her nails to see if she gets the session.
    So PLEASE if you have a facebook page or know anyone that has it, let everyone know that could help.

    Goto: http://www.facebook.com/kreatid?sk=wall
    vote.. for we all know what its like to have our Senior pictures done hide

    P.S. If she doesn't get it her dad who has no photo talent at all is going to take her senior pics in the kitchen at their house.. hide hit hit
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