We ordered chicks and supplies today!

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  1. The last time I felt this kind of excitement was 12 years ago when were were pregnant!

    Our 11 year old twin girls are really excited and I think they will get really involved in caring for our chickens. Last summer they want to sleepaway camp for two weeks and did horseback riding. They loved every single minute of it and I figure they are well prepared for chickens after mucking out stables and hauling bales of hay.

    But anyway I just want to thank everyone for the great information and genuine support on this board; I've been lurking for a while and I'm really happy that I will soon be able to fully participate after the little ones arrive!

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    Hooray!!! So, what kind did you get and how many? When do you get them?

    I'm happy for you and your family.
  3. I feel the same way, we got our chicks this week and the eggs are going in the bator tuesday.
    Of course I find out that my 20 year old daughter who is away at college called my other daughter to tell her she thinks I have lost it!!
    I couldn't believe she did that. Apparently she was saying "whats going on with mom is she having a breakdown? Did you know she bought chickens?!!"
    I don't care, I am excited!!
    By the way I am not from you, I am in Weymouth and we go to Westwood once a week or so.
    Good luck with those chickies.
  4. That post should have read I am not Far from you. sorry
  5. Well, it's a little embarrassing to admit this, but we're getting just 3: an Australorp, Buff Orpington and an Auracauna hybrid called an "Easter Egger".

    Both of my husband and I work full time and our kids have a typically busy activity schedule, so a dog or cat cat was not really workable, and yet our girls really wanted a pet, so chickens are perfect and I wanted them take care of an animal that was a little bit different from what most people might have in our area.

    I have fond memories of the eggs a coworker used to give me from his hens, and I love watching chickens do their thing because I find them to be hysterically funny and endlessly interesting.

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