We picked up our new Nubian Doe this past weekend. - PICS Included

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    I posted this on BackyardHerds, but thought you might like to see also.

    We picked up our Nubian doe this past weekend. We have decided to name her Nina. She is so pretty with her really long ears. The people I got her from apologized for not spending more time with her becasue she was still a little wild.

    Well, she is not wild at all, in fact, she is as sweet as can be. I kept her seperate from the other goats for 24 hours. She spent that time being petted by our kids and family and friends. Then I put her with our Nigerian dwarf whether (Yogi) for a day and now she is running with all fo the goats. I think she was a little skinny. I am giving her grain once a day, free choice hay and all the grass she can eat. I can already see she is not as skinny.

    With out further delay, here are her pictures and a few of the our other goats because they like to be included.




    And yes she is well on her way to becoming a lap goat. Not sure how this will work when she is full grown. But hey the others still try to sit in my lap if I let them.


    Our other goats for fun:


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    They are all adorable and lovely looking ! [​IMG] I think goats are awesome
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    Oh so cute!

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