We raise chickens in Australia, ya know .......

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    Jun 29, 2011
    Yeah, we raise chickens down here in the Land DownUnder.
    But Aussies don't call mature chickens chickens ... they are chooks. I don't know why but then there are a lot of things about the true blue Australian I don't know.
    I was raised on a farm in Oregon's Rogue Valley and relocated to Australia when I retired. For a number of years I lived in a cottage near the beaches of Queensland but about a year ago I moved south to Tasmania. When asked why I'd want to leave the sub-tropics for cold Tassie I tell them I got tired of all that sunshine ... all those beaches ... and all those bikinis. Especially when the young ladies would forget to wear the tops! I suppose they didn't want to wear them out, I don't know.
    Anyway I now live in rural Tasmania and love it.
    Oh, another question: When you purchase eggs in the supermarket down here they are brown. I haven't seen a white egg since I left the states. As I recall back in the old country white eggs were the norm and if you found brown eggs you paid a premium -- they were supposed to be healthier. Back home the chickens we had on the farm laid white eggs. How come the eggs on this side of the world are more commonly brown?
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