We Rescued This Beautiful Small Rooster --What Breed?


Sep 28, 2011
West Lnn, Oregon
He walked down the road near our home, and he was up there for about a week. Then, he came down our driveway and stood on our chicken yard for a few days while I tried to see who might own him. No one recognized the description in our area. I did not put him inside because the huge Plymouth Rock rooster in there was almost 3 times his size, and, though adorable, that inside boy would kill the new bird!

So, we put together a dog fence I got at a garage sale and put him in with plywood and a tarp on top. He stayed there at night on a roost. During the days he stood outside the chicken yard wanting to be with other chickens! He even tried to lure a hen or two over for a romantic encounter.

The new guy was not doing well: dull eyes, head hanging down, and not much interest in life. I gave him a message , which helped IMMENSELY! We fed him bread and local organic grains specially mixed to be a complete meal for chickens (expensive!) and lots of fresh vegetables. Finally, I traded a little cabinet with someone for three hens, and the rooster and they live in the dog run together. The pretty small rooster is VERY happy and arrogant like a rooster should be!

He is about the size of our hens-- We have 4 Rhode Island inside the first coop. Inside the dog run we have: One Buff Orfington, one Plymouth Rock and one Aracauna hen.

The new rooster has only a tiny bit of a cone and his head looks like that of a hawk. He is white with golden brown on the wings and black and white at the tail, which is quite a fluffy one. His feathers are not particularly fluffy. His body is much like that of the hens, except he has a tail that is a lot longer and more curly. He can fluff up his feathers around his head so it is almost entirely hidden.

I would put on a photo, but I do not know how to do it. This is my first posting here!
first off WELCOME TO BYC!!!
sounds like you have alot of chickens i think you need like (oops) 10 posts or something before you can put up pictures.. (idk why)
its hard to identify a bird just by description so here is how you post pictures up on the blue margin has Index, user list, ect.. then there is UPLOADS! push that
then it has a button that you press that says browse. then if it is saved and uploaded onto your computer you go to pictures select the picture of choice then i will give you a choice of submit it will take your photo and give you two options then you copy it go to where you want to post it and paste....
did that make any sense im kinda sleepy.. and not sure if im mumbling.. ;P

bless you for taking in this poor little guy.. im sure he found a loving home with you
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Oh, I would love to see a photo of him! He kinda "sounds" like a bantam Cochin.

If you post in the New Members threads, and respond hello to some, you'll have some posts soon enough. Then you can come back here and post photos.
I will write more posts and get to 10 fast.

It is great to meet others who also LOVE chickens! I am amazed at how interesting they are, and how absolutely adorable. I love to just watch them!

I wanted 2 chickens last spring so I put an ad on Craigs saying I did not want to pay 20 dollars for each, which was the going rate, apparently, here in the spring. I could not find any for less at Craigs, except tiny babies requiring an incubator. I wanted some ready to live in our coop outdoors for under $20. A man answered and said I could have 1 for 20 or he would give me 4 and a rooster for 20 dollars . Well, I took the rooster and 4 little red hens. They grew into beautiful characters. Having a rooster is such a pleasure. He is colorful, intelligent, and a great singer. He does not sing just in the morning but whenever the spirit moves him. I asked our neighbors, and no one is bothered by him. They find it sweet! The rooster is a Plymouth Rock and HUGE! I really love him, but he is not a friendly guy-- very protective of his wives and his territory, and he lashes out at me if I am not careful when I reach in with food, etc. Ouch! I learned to hold a broom in one hand since he is afraid of it. I named him Kingy D (after my aunt Delores) and I named the hens after all my other aunts. All but Delores have passed away, and I named the chickens out of respect and love for them.

Then we have this other guy and his 3 wives, which I described in my last posting. He is so grand and proud, and he reminds me of a Renaissance prince so I named the new guy Princippi Paladoro or Princy. He is named after an 82 year old woman who has been a family friend for 50 years. She is like an aunt to me, and her name is Dori.

The new rooster has green legs and no feathers on his feet. He is only around a 15 inches tall and maybe 24 inches long from beak to tail --unlike the Plymouth which is almost 3 feet tall! Our new guy does not have a comb, but just a tiny single red thing on his head at the top of the beak. It is around 1/2 inch or so. My guess is that he is a bantam because he is small.
hmmm well im not sure..
what the size is for it to be a bantam but i know if your BR roo is anything like my pretty boy he will dwarf anything

thats so cool that your naming your chickens after your aunts
i have ducks that are all named after indian tribes

get those 10 post quick and take picture so i can see him.. green legs.. could be americana or de'uccle maybe a silkie?? but i think those are way small.. um any type of EE (easter egger) sound to me that he could have a rose or pea comb.....
like i said its hard to say until you see it many chickens have the same features..
is he really fluffy?? does he have feathers or more like hair

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