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Discussion in 'Local Chicken Laws & Ordinances' started by rewireman, Nov 12, 2013.

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    Aug 10, 2012
    My village is in the process of creating an ordinance to allow chickens but we have some folks that are adamant that we should not allow them. I am looking for some helpful facts about chickens that I can use to pass around our meeting. I get the impression that these folks think that the village is going to be overrun with chickens and that the coyotes are going to come in and start attacking children (because they have actually said that at previous meetings) so I am looking to compile some facts that are pro-chickens. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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    Jul 9, 2009
    How about (for starters) having natural foodstuffs... a fresh chicken egg is so very different to a supermarket purchased egg ( which may have been genetically modified by unnatural means ).

    Coyotes, or for that matter any predator ....will attack anywhere..... they will not necessarily choose your village.... they are more likely to attack in a quiet environment!

    Good luck in your endeavour to try and educate your neighbours.....!
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    I live in the woods at the base of a mountain...we have a ton of coyotes here. We also have a lot of chickens in the neighborhood. Yet the only time we see the coyotes is dusk or dawn if we are quiet. Too loud and they won't come out. No one has been attacked, not even toddlers. The worst I've lost was a barn cat who went into the woods at night and neglected to climb a tree. Between my best neighbor and I, only three chickens out of our total 30 were lost over the course of six years to coyotes. Our worst predators have been our own dogs, hawks, and cars.

    I personally keep my chickens locked in a run, and after one night of realization they could not get them, our closest pack has never come back into the yard, and the only way I knew they were here at all is thanks to my dogs howls at 3AM.

    Good luck to you, backyard chickens are a healthy, entertaining, and great way to get your own eggs and meat! Let us know!

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