We were having a hard time selling eggs, so we incubated!

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  1. We were having a hard time selling eggs, so we incubated!

    My mom is a teacher so the electricity is free for us. We set 2 dozen and had a slew of people on CL jump at the chance to get the for $1 each. We figure it's $.75 more per egg selling them as chicks than we were getting for the eggs themselves.

    I can't wait, due to demand we are hatching 6 dozen more. I've never hatched so many and can't wait...it's like x-mas all over again!!!
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    Congrats!!! I am considering doing the same thing. There's nowhere around here to buy baby chicks anymore and the guy at the feed store is BEGGING me to raise some. Says they get tons of calls a day from people looking for them.

    What kind of chickens do you have? Do you have a mix or all the same breed? We currently have a mix but I am considering getting Buff Orps and keeping them separated just to sell the chicks. What kind of incubator do you have and how do you get the word out about your chicks? Oh - Just dawned on me that CL must mean Craig's List?
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