We weren't expecting any roosters!

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    Sep 21, 2009
    We bought 10 chicks (pullets- haha) this spring, but it ends up 2 are roos. One is a RIR and the other a White Silky Bantam. Hens are 1 Black Silky, 4 Ameraucanas, 1 Buff Orp, 1 Barred Rock, 1 Black Australorp. Do I need to worry about the big roo picking on my silky? "Randy" the RIR roo didn't get that name by chance! Plan was to eat the eggs, not the meat, so now we are wondering whether to keep the roos, find new homes, possibility of mutant chicks when we have no RIR hens, etc. We're new to this, but loving it - please help! Thanks! [​IMG]
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    It really depends on your reason for having chickens. If neither you nor your neighbors mind the noise, and you want to raise chicks later, then keep one rooster. If not, I hear they make great chicken soup.
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    Apr 1, 2009
    I didn't plan on eating mine either but out of 15 I got 8 roos. We did 3 and after one bite I decided to raise meaties next year. However if you only have 2 and you CAN keep them, I would. I love my roos so much [​IMG] the are less skittish than my hens and so sweet. I love 'em!
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    I absolutely hated my RIR rooster. He was so darn mean to the hens. He was mounting them before 12 weeks, and they were not ready. With 40 to choose from, he would always go for the meekest, over and over again. He got one Buff Orpington and tore a 2 inch laceration in her neck .... yea, he would not let go of the poor thing. He was fine with humans, but sure was rough on the pullets. He has been rehomed, and we have kept our other 2 roosters. I hope, if you keep your RIR roo, yours is kinder than mine was. Good luck! BTW ... I am sure that not all RIR roosters are that darn determined. He was young, and probably still learning, BUT.... just sayin'...
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    I think it depends on your needs and how the roos turn out. I hatched 2 roos and was prepared to keep them although I have never had any before. I ended up rehoming them both because of the noise mainly. They started crowing at 6 in the morning but also crowed a lot in the day. We got rid of 1 but then the other started to challenge me and I was getting frightened of him so he went. We are back to peace and quiet and no chickens being mounted. Another plus is that my ducks hated the cockerels and so they are quieter now too!
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    I see this is your first post. Welcome to the forum. You'll meet a lot of nice people here.

    Here are a couple of threads that might interest you. The first gives my opinion on roosters and the second gives a lot of other people's opinions and experiences.

    Number of roosters thread

    Managing Multiple Roosters

    As far as mutant chickens, all chicken breeds are crosses from other breeds or actual mutants, called sports. It is genetically impossible to tell one chicken breed from another. We all keep chickens for different reasons. Some people like to keep the breeds "pure". Some of us like what we call "mutts", which are crosses from recognized breeds or offspring of those crosses.

    As others have said, whether you keep both, one of them, or neither depends on why you have chickens. If you want to hatch your eggs, you need a rooster. If you are only keeping chickens for eggs or as pets, you really don't need a rooster. If you want eggs or meat, keep the larger rooster. If you want broody hens, that Silkie would probably pass on some good traits.

    Some people love their rooster as a pet and some hate roosters. That is covered in the links.

    Good luck and again, welcome.
  7. Hangin Wit My Peeps

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    If it were me I would keep the white silkie roo and get rid of the RIR roo. I can almost gaurentee you that the silkie roo will be picked on. Plus it will be MUCH easier on the girls keeping the silkie roo. Plus silkie roos are pretty friendly. The worse my silkie roos have ever done was peck at the top of my shoe LOL (and that was only the alpha one) They pretend to be so mean but just can't seem to do it. If you have kids this will be a better choice as well. I think it's just fun to keep a roo around just to be able to watch how he takes care of the hens and gives them warning calls and calls them over to get bugs (which to me is just a trick to be able to mate them) LOL JMO though on all this. Good luck with your decision...keep us informed as to how it goes.

    ETA: Forgot to welcome you! You will LOVE it here, everyone is great [​IMG]
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    [​IMG] !

    Sounds like Randy needs to be given away by way of Craig's List. I have rehomed several roos there, and all the people who came to get them were very nice, (with the exception of one weirdo that I ran off). I still see some of the people, and they always have a new roo story for me!

    The easiest way for me is to ask $4-5 for them, and after I meet the buyers I just give him to them.

    A sign at the local feed store is good, too.
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    Quote:I agree - RIR roos are generally MEAN, and will probably abuse the silkie roo. By the way, my Buff Orp roo is named Randy, too... [​IMG] Roos can be fun if they are well-behaved and your neighbors don't mind. [​IMG] Keep the silkie if you can, but WHACK the RIR roo (or give him away). [​IMG]

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