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May 20, 2008
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I hatched some shipped eggs this week... poor rate (only 4 of the 15). A couple came late (day 22-23), so maybe incubator conditions were off. But I use an R-com, and have extra T and humidity readers inside. It is sort of weird (the late hatch). Anyway, one of the chicks, now 24 hours old, is not doing well. Lays around. Does try to walk, and often losses balance on the uneven surface and falls backwoards. She just lays on her back until I turn her over. No outwardly sign of trauma... good legs, no unabsorded yolk, etc. Any thoughts? What should I do? I use a syringe to bring her water... although she can move to the waterer...

Thanks for any advice!


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May 14, 2008
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Get her some sugar water or milk water (I mix a little milk AND sugar with my H20) keep an eye on her.

If she's still that way tomorrow night, you may want to make a dilute mash to dropper into her mouth.

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