Weak Chick with pasty butt, able to save her.


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Jun 27, 2021
Hi everyone, just a quick story of my experience with a new chick. I started reading BYC when I placed my order for chicks to be picked up on 7/21. I read EVERYTHING I could, so I would be prepared for my new little fluff butts. After my first batch reached 1.5 weeks, I grabbed 9 more at TSC (you know, because chicken math).

The girl grabbed 3 of each breed. Lesson learned, inspect each one before leaving, which I did not do. I took at pic of each on when I removed them from the box to put them in the brooder, and noticed the last little ISA brown had a BAD case of pasty butt, which I immediately got to work on. The poor little thing was so plugged up, when I got it off of her little rump she pooped more then I’ve ever seen a little chick poop. She must’ve been backed up for awhile. So we had some family stuff going on until dinner, and when I got back I put leg bands on some of them as they were very tricky to tell apart. I soon noticed she was huddled under the heat plate for awhile. I picked her up, offered some wet mash & water, but she wouldn’t take it. I checked her every hour or so, figuring she was just tired from the post office travel then the car ride home from TSC. And I began to search BYC for what to do.

I read and read, trying to figure out how to help this little baby. By this point it was after 9, when all the stores are closed. I decided to put some SavAChick electrolytes in the water, and grab some raw egg yolk. By this point she was barely staying awake.

I gently held her against my heart with both hands to warm her. I dipped my pinky in the egg yolk, and to my surprise, I saw her little beak moving as if she was eating it. I kept dipping & her little beak kept moving. She did this a few times & fell asleep on me. I let her sleep for about 30 minutes right near my heartbeat, and again tried more egg yolk. She ate a bit more, picked her head up, and moved like she wanted to get down. I dipped her beak in the water and she drank & drank like 10 times.

I left her to rest for another 20 minutes or so, and by this time it was close to midnight. I decided to offer egg yolk once more (I couldn’t sleep anyway), and she once again ate and had some water. When I woke up this morning, she was at the food bowl with the other chicks!

She still seems a little weaker than the others, but has been eating, drinking & pooping throughout the day. I am keeping a close eye out. So far, so good. I just want to thank everyone on here for either posting or answering questions. With no stores open, and not knowing what to do, I found everything I needed right here. Thanks so much. Fingers crossed for a full recovery. We named her Cori Miracle. ❤️


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