weak hen.........very hungry and thirsty

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  1. harvestmoonfarm

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    May 23, 2013
    Went out to feed tonight and noticed one of the hens standing alone on he backside of coop in remaining snow. She seemed weak and protested mildly when we picked her up. She is eating and drinking but is not herself. She seems to be pretty hungry and thirsty. Her vent does not appear abnormal, nor her crop... although I have never seen abnormal. no straining as if she is trying to lay egg. I have placed her in dog crate with straw, food and water in room that is 60 degrees and not as cold as outside. she has lost some feathers on her back due to rooster...they have been shut in coop/run more due to heavy snow. I have 1 rooster and 9 hens. I have been gone for a few days due to illness in the family, but husband says there has been nothing abnormal until tonight.

    any thoughts? they have heated waterer and get layer pellets.
  2. Mattsiewrt94

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    Nov 5, 2013
    Could have a worm or something does she ever look full??

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