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    Well, I think I've determined that my 6wk+ Australorp pullet has a vitamin deficiency based on her weak legs. She is otherwise eating, drinking, pooping and defending whatever spot she's laying in. At any rate I pulled out the Damerow book and a few others and have determined that i need to order some vitamins.

    Our local stores have ZERO in the way of chicken "stuff" other than the most very basic feeders, starter, etc. They're even usually out of the antibiotics. I did manage to purchase a small dropper bottle of something I would equate Red Cell (horse geritol). I went to the McMurray site and under vitamins they offer the grow gel stuff and a broiler booster.

    I don't really know what I need to do. I'm putting the TSC vitamins in the water and have given her a little via beak but I can't really effectively administer it as she's not on that page in our relationship. LOL Do I need to order the broiler-maker?? Can I just get the appropriate vitamin at the local health food store? Please send help quick...TIA

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    Most people here use liquid baby vitamins that they have in any drug store, the kind without iron. The old brand name is PolyViSol, but my drug store only had a generic version of it. Come in a 30 ml bottle or so, with a dropper.

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