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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by 7m4cnxax, Dec 2, 2009.

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    Dec 2, 2009
    PLEASE help me if you can. One by one I am losing my Pekin flock. A duck acts as though its legs are too weak to hold him. He/she doesn't stand up, but scoots around if he/she has to move. Within a week, the duck is dead. I am wondering if the feed I am giving them is the culprit. We grind 3000 lbs corn with 800 lbs wheat and use it as a general feed for chickens, geese, pigeons, ducks, etc. The ducks seem to be the only ones with the problem. Thanks in advance.

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    Dec 2, 2009
    I have one Pekin duck female. I feed them about the same thing as you and so far there hasn't been any problem with her. I have a Pekin a Rouen and 3 Moskovies. but one of my Moskovies is having simalar problems I think. He seems not to be able to stand up and he kinda crawls around. He's been like this for a few weeks, I do hope he doesn't die! I dont know very much about ducks yet, but corn in very fattening so he/she may be overwieght and be having trouble getting around. I only feed corn in the winter so that its easier for them to withstand the cold. (I live by Winnipeg MB, and -30 without the windchill is not uncommon) Hope this helps!
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    Quote:No vitamins and minerals other than what they get from the corn and wheat? If so, they may have severe vitamin/mineral deficiencies. Furthermore, your protein content is too low for ducks. They need around 16%.

    Is your feed moldy? That could result in avian botulism.
  4. [​IMG] Do your ducks get to forage also? They need more than just corn & wheat to get the protien and nutrients they need. If they don't get to forage then you need to supplement their diet with a good duck/poultry chow. Get those ducks some meat & peas... Seriously! Meat for a quick protien boost and peas are chock full of vitamins etc. & it doesn't hurt that ducks love them both.
    If they DO get to forage then I would take a close look at your grain to make sure it isn't moldy or that your ducks haven't gotten into something.

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