Weak, lethargic 10month old EE pullet

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    Okay so after two days of decreasing activity by this girl, I realized she wasn't just tired. She was sleeping on the floor with my silkies instead of the 4 foot top roost like her sister. Something is definitely wrong. I stand her up, she stands indefinitely. I lay her down, she doesn't get up until she has to 'go potty'. I found lice, not a lot but enough to warrant pulling a few feathers that were covered in eggs. Searched the rest of the flock, found a few more, mostly top roost sitters like her, who had the bugs. I treated them and the coop temporarily, will clean out the entire coop and give it a nice airing out tomorrow morning. She has Gatorade in her water, warm mash and scrambled eggs for every meal, but she is still just so tired. Most sounds or movements make her eyelids flicker, only opens her eyes if you pick her up. Heartbeat and temp all seem normal, from what I can tell. Poo is watery but looks normal. Urates are almost powdery, also watery. (Both preceding statements are when/if she eats and drinks enough. Normally, she won't. ) Starting tonight, I'm going to start using a dropper and try to get her hydrated. She's sitting in my bathtub now, she looks so sad...
    I'm just hoping someone has some ideas, advice, or just encouraging words for her. Her name is Dale, she has a twin named Chip.

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    Mites and Lice will debilitate your chickens and if you can get some permethryn ( permethrin ) you should dust your chickens and use the liquid spray to treat their housing..

    In the meantime a bath would be advisable for your sick girl... after the bath, keep her indoors in a warm environment and maybe give her some tuna fish to give her some incentive to eat...do keep up the dropper with water - she needs to keep hydrated.

    I wish you and your sick girl luck!


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