weak, stumbling, some strange moving of her neck IDEAS??? gurgling in crop.

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    Jul 19, 2007
    We have a hen who is really sick. I thought it was sour crop, our other chicken just had surgery to help with that. This hens crop wasn't full but was gassy and gurgling. She is on anti fungal and antibiotics. SHe is so bad now. SHe is so weak and it is like her body is seizing up sometimes. Her neck looks a bit off to the side. I thought it was due to pain in crop. We were giving meds and food thru a tube but she will not let us now and if we force it she looks like she is about to die when we are done. Her neck flops back and OMG it is awful. Other than that she sits or lays (and often looks dead) under a tree in the shade with her eyes shut.

    Can anyone guess what is wrong with her? I am so sad and worried.

    Any thoughts on giving her Ivermectin while she is so ill?

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    I know this is an old post but this is exactly what's going on with my Austrolorp. Huge, watery crop. Weird head and neck movements. I tried making her vomit but it seemed like she couldn't breathe so I put her down and she started coughing, gurgling then she let out a huge baaakkkaaaaaaa with head crooked and necked stretched completely out. She is just standing there all day, sometimes with eyes closed. It's really hot here. Its been in high 90s for a solid week now. These new symptoms just started yesterday. Can anyone help?
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    I don't have an answer for you, I am a newbie.
    I am thinking you might have a better chance of getting an answer or help if you start a new thread??

    Good luck.
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    is she in a cool place.. she may be overheated?

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