Weak, unsteady Cockeral

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    Apr 25, 2014
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    I have a cockeral who is just 15 weeks old. About a week ago I noticed that he was not running with his 2 pullet friends at breakneck speed around the yard. Then he seemed to want to just sit on his feet and watch. Then I saw him wobble when he got up, then when he tried to walk, though he can get around if he has to. I have separated him from the flock. He has stopped eating or drinking. I have tried a dish of scrambled eggs, meal worms, corn on cob, scratch. I have been giving him fluid drop by drop with a syringe. He has no interest in this. However, he doesn't lay around with his eyes closed. He is alert. He can move his legs. They are not paralyzed. He can stand, but he wobbles. He has little poop since he isn't eating but I have not seen any diahrea either. I have tried to reach the vet but she has not returned my calls ( and she is the only one around who knows anything about chickens), I have given several injections of Dexamethasone over the last 5 days hoping to stimulate appetite. Nope. I have given him Tylan 50 for 3 days in case it is bacterial. Nothing. I have mixed in vitamins and electrolyte tables into the liquid I am forcing down him but really he only drinks about 1 ml at a time, several times a day and that is a battle to get him to drink that. Last night I bought some St John's Wort and crushed a tablet up in some Vitamin Water, just in case it's Mareks. I read that on another thread here. Oh, the other thing is that though his breathing sounds completely normal, he opens him mouth slightly every few seconds. Can't tell is it is corresponding to his breathing or not. (If he didn't do it I don't know how I'd get any fluid in him at all). Is there anything else I can try? I hate to just watch him waste away but he is getting really thin. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I wish my vet would call me back....

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