Weaning my filly--holy moley mama!

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    Apr 3, 2008
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    She over 5 months old now and it was time--probably past time--so we separated Lovey from her mama on Sunday morning. I expected the mare to be bad and I did expect the filly to be upset. And they were.

    Today is day 4 and this morning it seemed like things were getting worse instead of better. Mama is fine about the whole thing and her bag is drying up nicely. Lovey is a whole 'nuther story. She's been furiously angry. The filly I could brush and lead and scratch anywhere and walk up to in the pasture was replaced by this wild thing I could not get near!

    This morning, still unable to lay a hand on her, I carried the feed into the stall and got body-slammed into the wall. When I brought the hay, I got both hind feet. I was quick but not quick enough. She nailed me with one hind foot on the thigh of my right leg. Then she proceeded to throw herself against the stall walls. I yelled at her, long and hard, and she sorta froze there and stared at me but at least I was able to get out in one piece.

    I was expecting even worse for tonight, but she surprised me. This time when I opened the stall door, she just stood there. I took hold of her halter and let her eat out of the bucket, then led her to the feeder, dumped the feed and led her back to the door. Gentle as a lamb. Repeat performance for the hay and the water. All sweet and quiet.

    Mama meantime has come into season and spent the afternoon teasing my stallion across the fence. It's hot wire and he respects its "bite" so he did not challenge it. But obviously the filly is the LAST thing on mama's mind right now. She doesn't even bother to answer when the filly calls to her.

    Hopefully all of this means we have turned a corner and the worst is over, cause I am getting too old for this sh-t! Even her daddy wasn't this bad to wean!


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    Jun 26, 2008
    They are all different. I do think the girls are worse at weaning time though.
    Good luck with her, and I hope things continue to get better.
    Baby tantrums are tough to deal with,lol.
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    Jun 21, 2008
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    Time for baby to start to learn how to be a horse. Good time to make her listen to you and do some in hand work. Just like a human child, with the right discipline and direction you can change their attitude. Some just take more than others! LOL

    I miss having foals, but don't miss the weaning part. Hope you did turn that corner!
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    Jan 4, 2009
    I like to wean them and put them into the round pen....They carry on and such but calm down soon enough...I don't even like to go in with them for the first couple of days...just pour the feed and water through the rails. They come to realize that the better they act the better deal they receive...and I'm done with the getting run over and kicked...save that for the donkey...whom inevitably makes her appearance if the colt/philly doesn't have an attitude change in a couple of days...If you have never seen a young horse try to out muscle or intimidate a donkey; you are missing out....and after a couple of days of donkey school the youngster has a basic set of horse manners. We release the 2 of them into the pasture with the others...not mom though....the donkey will hang around the philly/colt for a few days...seemingly to "keep it out of trouble" then she is off to try and find a weak spot in the fence. The weanling then has only one freind...You......game over....
    just my opinion...
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    Apr 3, 2008
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    Sounds like fun! [​IMG]

    Today has been a much better day. Now that mama is no longer answering her calls, she has suddenly remembered me again. I'm back on her friends list. She met me at the stall door this morning with a friendly wicker and actually waited for my hand on her halter. We walked calmly to the feeder and she even stood patiently to have her back scratched. I am no longer the enemy.

    I'm hoping that Sunday will be her first morning back out in the pasture. Mama of course will be safely in her own stall, out of sight, and hopefully out of her thoughts. There is an old mare in her mid 20s that the filly will be pastured with. They are already good friends and hopefully that will make life a bit easier for her.

    Lovely is actually a very good filly--quick to learn, likes to please, and really likes people--so once this crisis is firmly over, I really do not foresee any major problems for her.

    LOLOL after Wednesday morning, I'm all for that!


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