Weasels during the daytime?


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Mar 4, 2008
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We have our first flock arriving in a few weeks and have been busy preparing the coop. We live in the mountains and, during the time we have been working on the coop, have noticed A LOT of weasels nearby during the day.

I am pretty confident that the weasels will not get into the coop at night - the ceiling is completely lined with hardware mesh as are the windows, the walls are roofing metal from floor to ceiling, and the corners that meet the floor are wrapped with hardware mesh, and a new layer of plywood is covering the floor. Seems pretty tight to me.

However, I am now very concerned about the run. How common is it for weasels to attack during the day? Am I being overly cautious?

To be on the safe side, I could use hardware mesh for the entire run, but I think my husband would choke on the price!

I just wanted to clarify that the coop is a wooden structure, but that the walls on the INSIDE are lined with the metal roofing tin. Also, the plywood floor is laid upon an existing wood floor. Thanks!
Sovia, from your description of your coop, it sounds like you have Ft. Chook ready to repel the onslaught. What kind of run fencing are you using? Is the run covered?

As for chicken eating predators and their `normal' schedules: Never assume they will stick to a `natural' schedule if a free meal is available. The more humans in the territory, the more the `natural' schedule alters to fit the garbage day schedule... or the tasty chook special down the road.

We saw a weasel scarfing a decaying Alligator Gar, in a stream drainage, two miles west, at about three in the afternoon (none up here so far). We've had both foxes and raccoons at noon. Opossums after dawn.

If you are unable to install electric fencing I'd probably suggest keeping traps out at all times (you may not get a hit for years but, like a lot of folks discover, all it takes is that one attack).

There is quite a bit of info about electric fencing/netting here, just use the search function, it is very good.

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Thanks, John. We are preparing to build the run now and, yes, it will be covered. Not only do we have weasels, but we also have racoons, fox, coyote, mountain lions, and all sorts of hawks/eagles.

Sovia, welded wire fencing is pretty effective (we use 6' 1"x2") against most predators. Sounds like you should really check into the electric option.

At least you didn't mention bears (whew! :eek: )

Good luck, enjoy your flock!
Have you actually "seen" the weasels? How common is it to actually "see" the weasels? I would have thought them to be a very shy nocturnal predator..

If you have such a large population of weasel, I would definately start setting traps. I, personally, wouldn't want to go on a weasel killing rampage, I would just relocate them a good distance away from my place(and anyone else who has poultry). If this is too much hassle, you could take to killing them. Weasels are a devastating predator with their surplus killing, it would only take one hungry(or bored) weasel to take out your flock.

Build the coop and run to the best of your abilities, a good defense is best. If you have such a large population of weasel, I would take action against it. Raccoon, possum, and fox, will usually take only a few before you realize what's happening; but with a weasel, a few hours and you may not have any survivors.

Just my personal opinion, do what you feel is best.

Wish you well with your birds!
We are dealing with the weasel right now. He seems to only come at night. We put our flock in the garage at night for the last 4 nights and havn't seen him, but... after loosing both ducks and 5 hens we don't want to take any chances. Glad we put 20 eggs in the incubator on Monday. Hope the chooks weren't too stressed to lay good hatchers! Good luck with your Ft. Chook!--HR
We live in a hilly area too, low population, and we've seen weasels, fishers, minks, martins in the daytime. You've put a lot of effort on the inside coop as we have, you will feel SO much better if you weasel-proof the outside, and by doing that you will protect against all the other little %$#@!s that plague chickens!
The final hit my weasel attempted to make was a daytime raid. I went in the coop to check the feeders, was gone long enough to get a bucket of grain and walk back. He was in the trap.

Most of it was night raids but he did hit almost any time.
i saw a weasel in the daytime, he was in an apple tree in the front yard just looking down at me, didnt even know there were any around,no problems with them yet though

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