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Aug 11, 2019
When do I being my goose inside. I'm working on a permanent goose coop with heat lamps, for know what be temperature is too cold. Melvin is 6 weeks old.
At 6 weeks old, they should be ok without supplemental heat. Not sure what the weather is where you live right now, but the overnight temperatures are still pretty comfortable here.
I imagine it would be safe to let him roam during the day now, and then at dusk, as long as you have a safe place to lock him up for the night, he will be fine.

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Be aware that heat lamps are both a big fire risk and also a potential hazard to your geese: they can shatter and go everywhere. I would not trust them unless directly supervised. Sweeter heaters and other radiant heaters are safer.

As your temperatures start to cool and your goose gets older, dry, soft bedding will be sufficient to keep him warm.
I don't understand your question very well, but geese should be fine at six weeks without heat and i wouldn't use heat lamps due to the increased fire hazard.

I believe i've told you this in another thread but you should really consider getting another goose for Melvin..They don't do very well alone.

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