Webcams! I need ideas and suggestions folks!


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Nov 3, 2011
I know many on here webcam their chickens. Ive looked on amazon,cabalas, r.e.i. and ebay but its a bit confusing for me and thought to just ask here. Im nervous as one of my neighboors doesnt like animals. He sits there with a bbgun and shoots the squirrels or cats or any animal that goes into his yard. My concern is once my baby chicks are outside in their coop he will go in my backyard and try to mess with them. I want to be able to record my entire backyard to be on the safe side.
Im looking for the following stuff that Id like my webcam to have and maybe one of you will know of the product to recommend to me to buy. Id rather buy new than used. Heres is what Im looking for...

Records continual movement
Can store on memory card and uses dvd if nessecary
Internet capability
2 cameras.

There are webcam recordings of bald eagles online that you can watch at anytime. Id like my webcam to be like that.
Ive emailed a few but havent heard back from any of them either.
Im aware it might be spendy but my price range is no more than $350. so there has got to be something out there that is available to buy online that is a good product.I did buy cameras a few years back from cosco and they said they were waterproof. They werent and the cameras ended up getting ruined due to rain. ugh.
Anyhow, thankyou for any info you can recommend to me!!!
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Jan 11, 2012
Hi..we purchased a ( Primos 46 Truth cam) off of amazon a couple of months ago just to watch the bear, raccoons and deer. It works great and will be using it when we get our coop finished. The cost was about 99.00 (free shipping) but cost more at the local outdoor stores. It takes great night and day pictures and will do a video if needed. Hope this helps....K


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Aug 19, 2010
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My Coop
My Coop
I want a chicken cam that we can watch from inside the house via internet, but our coop is not close enough to the house. I keep thinking about calling someone (internet company or computer place or whatever) to find out what it would cost to have them make it work. My hubby isn't really tech-savvy and doesn't want to run wire to the coop himself. Not even sure if he wants someone else to do it either. But I really want that cam.


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May 21, 2011
Champion, Michigan
Hello all.

I got my chicken cam / duck cam at WALLY WORLD of all places.

I found it in the Home Security department at my store , though.

It does EVERYTHING that the original Thread starter wanted. The night vision is fantastic, but the BEST part of my chicken cam is that there is an ALARM on the little transmitter that plugs into the back of the tv, that you can either raise the volume up/down and mute.

When the alarm sounds, it " rocks my world " so to speak..LOL

Now, for the name of the darn thing...

I no longer have the box , so Ill just take a peak at the camera out in the coop and get back with you all, but i think if you go onto their web site and Search for " security cam, Nanny cams " etc. it should be there.

The cost was about 88 dollars, comes with 1 camera, transmitter that plugs into the tv and you can add more cameras as you want.

During commercial breaks, I just flip my tv over to the "COMP/AV" source on my remote and check out chicken tv.

One of the best features is that you can be on ANY tv channel, and the ALARM will sound to get your attention.

Its VERY easy to hook up.

Hope that helps someone..


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