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I've found the perfect wedding dress. I'm in love with it. In case you're interested in seeing it, it's located here:

I wanted to get it in the champagne color, since this isn't the first rodeo for either of us.

Problem is the smallest size it comes in is a 14W. I'm a 12 and just barely. I had thought about ordering it and getting a seamstress in town to alter it, but due to illness I'm losing about 5 lbs. a month right now, so there's no way it'll fit me in May; no matter how much I have it altered.
I've looked all over the web for another dress that would suit my fancy, but not having any luck. The dresses at David's Bridal are too froo-froo and some I've seen are just plain fugly. I've also looked for hours on e-bay, but nothing beats that dress in my mind.
Any suggestions?
P.S. Yes I can sew, but not well enough to make the perfect dress.
Can you find a seamstress there that can look at the picture and sew it to your size?

When I was married the first time, I had 4 pictures... the bodice of one dress, the sleeves of another, the back of another, and the skirt of the 4th. I found someone that took those 4 pictures and created my perfect dress. It was more expensive, probably, but the perfect dress makes all the difference. :

Oh don't you fret...that dress and jacket can be altered easily. If you want it at a size 10, it can be done.

A good seamstress can easily make those alterations or even make you that dress and jacket in a smaller size.

I made several wedding gowns for friends and family members by going with them to try on dresses and taking pictures of their favorites. Then combining the bodice of one skirt of another and etc. I made the patterns out of brown paper.

So, it can be done.
Have you contacted the shop to see if it comes in a smaller size? They may not carry it, because they carry large size fashions, but that doesn't necessarily mean the designer doesn't make it in smaller sizes. Or find out who the designer is and see if they have a website with the dress in smaller sizes.
I am currently purchasing selected pieces of vintage (fine) crochet, lace etc to use/make my dd wedding dress ... I have a friend who makes fab things with vintage crochet and tho I do not have any of her pieces here is a photo from someone else similar to what my friend does (though I would never stick a round doily on the front!)

is a piece on ebay for sale at the moment and if you could find other similar/comaptible pieces I am sure you could come up with something lovely (just to get an idea)...|66:2|65:12|240:1318&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14
you could layer with white and ivory colors...fine linen under dress and use as a base... well you get the idea... do you have time before your wedding to do something like this?

ETA: dd is only fifteen with no wedding plans lol... just preparing!
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I think you can safely order it and then wait until closer to May to have it altered. It's a very simple style and not fitted, so the actual alteration work is not that extensive, my guess is maybe this dress needs only 4-5 hours of work to alter it.

Just be aware that you will pay as much, if not more, for the alteration as you did for the dress.

I agree, if you love it get it and someone will definitely be able to alter it.
Remember too that every company's sizes vary, one company's size 12 is another's size 14 so you may be surprised to see it isn't all that big.
Good luck with it and congratulations.

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