Wedding prep and NERVES!!!!!

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    So my wedding is Oct 10th and I am in major stress mode!!!! I bought a bridesmaids dress and adding a little extra so I can save money and making my own veil. I only spent $275 in materials for veil, train and dress. I am now thinking I am crazy!!!! My veil snagged and now has a "tiny" hole. Mom says she can't see it till I show it to her and I think it looks like the Grand Canyon. My train is taking for ever (started on it at 9am) and I am biting my nails hoping it looks good. AAAHHHHHHHH
    Oh ya forgot to add: my daughters dress is half done, I still need to make my fiances tie and finish the trim on my veil!!
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    Okay. Deep breathe. Things will just fall into place. You have plenty enough time to finish these things. Take your time or you WILL screw up. The veil could probably be fixed with a little glue. Take it to your local fabric store and show them. They will give you great advice.

    Keep us posted. We're hear to calm you down if you need it. [​IMG]

    And of course....[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] congrats!

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